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At least once a month we will present a webinar. Some will be designed for patients/partners and some for health professionals. If you sign up for our online community you can attend live and join in Q&A. Webinars will be archived on this site for future viewing.

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Will2Love’s online interventions for men and women can be used as self-help or with telehealth coaching by a patient advocate. They include help for partners or for parents of young survivors. Video counseling by an expert psychologist is another option.

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The Latest News and Views

Can You Trust Will2Love to Keep Your Sexual Problems Private?

Distrust in the privacy of our health care system is one of the reasons that only about 20% of cancer survivors get professional help for their sexual problems. We’ve all read about hackers stealing identification and insurance records from health care systems or people on staff at a hospital ...

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New Study Finds That Internet-Based Counseling Improves Sex Lives of Women with Breast Cancer

A study of 169 breast cancer survivors in the Netherlands found that women randomized to get an online treatment program for sexual problems improved far more than a group that only received a booklet to read. Improvements were seen in women’s sexual desire, pleasure, and problems with vaginal...

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A New Vaginal Hormone Treatment for Dryness and Pain with Sex

At least half of women notice vaginal dryness in the years after reaching menopause, but very few seek medical help. Without the estrogen hormone that circulates in women's bloodstreams before menopause, the vagina produces less natural lubrication with sexual excitement. It also tends to ...

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